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25 march 2010

We want to share our amusement: in March our favorite The Fluffies participated in competition held by hugest Russian blog dedicated to everything related to applications and games for iPhone. This contest was held among application developers and required interesting story about the process of producing its creation.

The review of our game, prepared by team of our studio managed to get the first place. Now we can proudly state that it was deserved victory!

Besides the prize of the contest itself, as a result of our victory was really fast coming up of The Fluffies to the top of Russian Store of application and games for iPhone. In Russian top of paid games till second position (beating even so famous hits as Bejeweled 2 and Plants vs. Zombies) and in the top of paid applications till the fifth position. It managed to keep its positions in top for whole ten days, sometimes coming up to the third place.

After that success our game slowly came down from the top, but soon we are planning its return to the top, because in the closest time huge patch is expected. It should change the game in many ways both visually and regarding its gameplay.


16 december 2009

We are excited to present our brand new product exclusively for the iPhone, a game called The Fluffies. The Fluffies is a highly enjoyable casual game in the Match 3 genre, and its main characters are cute and funny creatures you will have a lot of fun with. Fluffy Tetris is our pet name for this game.

Starting today, our game is available through the App Store. We sincerely hope The Fluffies will be a perfect winter holiday gift for you and for your loved ones.

The Fluffies AppStore Link


28 march 2009

Our mega game which we have spent over 2 years developing has finally seen the light of the day. The game redefines the marble popping genre and offers unprecedented gameplay and scrupulously designed, truly mind-blowing graphics.

This blockbuster was developed using our custom-built engine with a particle editor created specifically for this project. The game was published March 27th and has already received tons of positive feedback from buyers and reviewers. Now it is moving to the top of the charts, something it truly deserves :)

Check the games more detailed description here.

Click here to play the game.


12 january 2009

We are happy to present our newly developed games:


Galaxy Centrino 4

Galaxy Centrino 3

Bug Jong travels the country!

09 october 2008

During the first 24 hours at the YANDEX game portal our game, Mahjong Bug Jong was the only one at the website to get a maximum 5-star rating. Moreover, it made the Our Choice top list, becoming one of the top 3 games out of 37 total.

Thanks for celebrating with us!

You can play the game here.

New Games

iPhone game
The Fluffies

Gather these lovely characters into groups of 3 or more of the same color, and remove these groups from the game field.

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Sky Kingdoms

The player has an all-important task to conquer the dragon and to return the crystal.

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Flash-game Galaxy Centrino 4

Alas, Planet Evil has got to the remote planet which had previously been our one and only refuge.

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Flash-game Electron

Guide the electrons through the intricate circuit and solve a problem which not every sophisticated computer out there can solve.

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Bug Jong Flash Game

In the lively kingdom of insects among shiny bugs and brightly colored butterflies, players will help to solve puzzles of the ancient game.

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